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Cancer Protocol

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I was recently asked what are good oils to take for cancer.  Overall, the best oil to take for cancer is frankincense.  It is also highly recommended to take doTERRA's wellness supplements: Alpha CRS+ (has been studied to combat different types of cancers, and XEO Mega and Microplex VM support cellular and immune function.

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Other recommended essential oils for cancer include: sandalwood and lavender.  Additionally depending on the type of cancer other oils may also be recommended.

Here is a cancer protocol I found on (other information on cancer is also found in the Modern Essentials book purchased from

Oils, blends & products recommended for Cancer:

Oils & Blends: Balance, Clove, frankincense, lavender, lemon, sandalwood, thyme, wild orange
For pain:  frankincense, helichrysum, vetiver, wild orange, wintergreen.

For nerve pain: Deep Blue, peppermint, vetiver

Essential oils based products:    AromaTouch  technique

Also consider: Basil, cypress, grapefruit, marjoram, oregano

Suggested protocols (

Tamalu - The following information began with Nicole Stevens, MS.  The original research was her dissertation on therapeutic-grade essential oils and their response in the body to cancer.

We know that chemotherapy is highly toxic and kills healthy cells along with the cancerous cells.  According to the research done by Nicole Stevens, MS, it is not unusual for cancer therapies to kill a large percentage of good cells along with the bad.  This is why we see the signs of hair loss, yellow eyes, grayed hair, nausea, fatigue, etc, from patients on chemotherapy.  According to the research, in a cell count of 100, anything under a healthy cell death rate of 25 is phenomenal. With therapeutic-grade essential oils the cell death count is less than 25 cells.  Nicole Stevens tested repeatedly and has not yet found a toxicity level, even at extremely high concentrations of essential oils. 

Dr. Jaime Matta (Ponce School of Medicine, Ponce, Puerto Rico) found Frankincense to be very effective against even chemotherapy-resistant strains of breast cancer.  The National Institute of Health research shows effectiveness against bladder cancer. Google "frankincense" and "cancer" and as of today you will find 42 papers published.  Watch for more publications of this research. 

There are also other oils which are found to be anti-tumoral; some of them also encourage the re-growth of healthy cells.  Among them are sandalwood, thyme, lavender, and clove.  Understanding the costliness of pure frankincense and sandalwood oils it is exciting to learn that other, less expensive oils may be combined with frankincense and sandalwood and actually increase the effectiveness of a cancer treatment.  Combined with dōTERRA’s Lifelong Wellness Trio, (these are) powerful tools for healing!

NOTE: Frankincense and sandalwood both require much time and care to distill while retaining the proper therapeutic constituents.  For this reason the doTerra products are relatively expensive.  On the other hand, be careful because other sources commonly extract using solvents or shortened distillation to save cost but lose the proper blend of constituents for maximum effectiveness.

This protocol is beginning to be used on a larger scale, by doctors in private practice and in US hospitals at this time.  I was taught to combine it with the Spinal Technique (similar to AromaTouch Technique), daily if possible, and lots of good water to drink.

1)   One 00 capsule Frankincense, One 00 capsule Sandalwood, One 00 capsule Lavender morning and evening for 3 days.  Frankincense, Sandalwood and Lavender topically morning and evening for those same 3 days.
2)   One 00 capsule Frankincense, One 00 capsule Sandalwood, One 00 capsule Wild Orange morning and evening for 3 days.  Frankincense, Sandalwood and Wild Orange topically morning and evening for those same 3 days.
3)   One 00 capsule Frankincense, One 00 capsule Sandalwood, One 00 capsule Lemon… (Repeat process)
4)   One 00 capsule Frankincense, One 00 capsule Sandalwood, One 00 capsule Thyme… (Repeat process)
5)   One 00 capsule Frankincense, One 00 capsule Sandalwood, One 00 capsule Clove… (Repeat process)

The oils may be rotated as often as necessary. 

I am not a doctor, but I do work with doctors whom I trust, and this is what they would do for their family.  I have shared this protocol with family members and friends with tremendous success when the need has arisen. 

Spinal Technique (AromaTouch Technique): Balance and lavender for stress management; melaleuca and OnGuard for immune support; AromaTouch and Deep Blue for inflammatory response; wild orange and peppermint for homeostasis (balancing). Go to the page on AromaTouch Technique for more information.
Pain Formulas

·  White fir and frankincense applied topically. 
·  In a capsule for internal consumption:
*  12 drops wintergreen
*  8 drops vetiver
*  8 drops helichrysum
·  For nerve-type pain, equal parts vetiver, peppermint, and Deep Blue topically and internally in a 00 capsule.

Some may work better for you than others.  The secret with any treatment is finding what works best for your biochemically unique system.

“You will not find concentrations like those in dōTERRA oils anywhere else.”

Happy Oiling and Happy Spring!!

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